October 17, 2019

A Beautiful And Unique Video Of The Birth of A Child. It’s By Far The Most Loving And Romantic Video I’ve Ever Seen!

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. Very few videos can capture the development and birth of a precious baby in such a romantic and loving way. And yet, here’s one that completely melted my heart in just 3 minutes. I absolutely adore it and once you see it, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is one of the cutest videos you’ve ever seen. Now hit play, sit back, and feel the love! What a special video! YouTube


11 Stunning Photos You Will Not Believe Were Taken With A Phone. #4 Took My Breath Away!

I love snapping photos with my mobile phone. It’s so convenient and advances in technology mean that the photo quality just gets better and better. Regardless, I have recently learned that I have been doing it wrong. Mobile photography apparently goes well beyond blurry selfies and into the world of devastatingly gorgeous and moving artwork. If anyone needs me, I’ll be scouring the Internet for mobile photography tips. 1. Charro Cesar Rodriguez-Becerra 2. The Butcher of Bruxelles Sean Hayes 3. The Boss Mark Chilvers 4. Untitled Theodore Kaye 5. Big Maple Plain/Austria Mariko Klug 6. Hiding in the Light Oliver Lang 7. Naturally Blue Erin McGean Cindric 8. Smoker Alfred Pleyer 9. The Jazz Player Marie Matthews 10. Orange Zebra Leisa Doherty 11. Rodeo in the RainEd Kashi Source: Mobile Photography Blog


He Knew He Would Not Live Long Enough To See His Daughter’s Wedding Day. What He Did Was Beautiful.

Jim Zetz is only 62 years old but he has stage-4 pancreatic cancer. With only months to live, Jim would not be able to see Josie, his 11-year-old daughter, get married. Knowing this, Lindsay Villatoro, a friend close to the Zetz family, arranged a surprise that they would cherish forever. To give Jim a chance to celebrate one of his daughter’s most important life moments, Villatoro arranged a mock wedding on Josie’s 11th birthday. Villatoro was able to get donations for the catering, wedding cake, Jim’s suit, and Josie’s wedding dress, which came from LA Fashion Week. "Your dad may not get to see you get married, but he is here to walk you down the aisle today." It was an incredibly touching ceremony for a beautiful family. It wasn’t easy for anyone involved… But no matter what, their love and precious memories will live on forever. Source: ABC News Jim had been suffering through chemotherapy for three month however he decided to end the treatments and enjoy the remainder of

Got Wine But No Corkscrew? No Problem! Amaze Your Friends And Save The Day With This Weird Trick.

Picture this: you’re having a dinner party with friends and all of the food is laid out. Before you dig in, you prepare for a toast to the evening and reach for that delicious bottle of wine you picked up. That’s when it hits —where’s the corkscrew!? It’s nowhere to be found and all that grapy goodness is trapped. The dinner party is officially ruined. Or is it? This is when you step up and pull this suave parlor trick out of your back pocket. Who’s the hero now? Mirabeau Wine Of course, attempt this at your own risk. If you go destroying shoes, walls, bottles of wine, friendships, and egos, that’s on you. Now shine on!