October 17, 2019

Young Girl Closes Her Eyes Before Singing Emotional Song From The Bottom Of Her Heart

Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” speaks for itself – there’s a lot of fight and guts that go into the lyrics and melody, so the singer needs to equally carry as much to be able to pull it off successfully. It’s packed with emotion, a roller coaster that goes up and down, triumphs and crashes then picks back up again. And Julliette brings it. How this little girl sings a big girl song is truly the exception to the rule. I’m pretty sure I can only sing this song in my dreams.

Julliette steps on stage, fearless. She closes her eyes to center herself and keeps composed. She doesn’t allow her nerves to lead the way. Instead, she puts on a smile and delivers. She’s holding the mic wearing fingerless motorcycle gloves (clearly a symbol of her inner rebel and willingness to fight – if she has to!) and opens her mouth to share her heavenly voice. Julliette breathes new life into her cover, able to convey her emotion and express the fight she’s got in her which is more than I thought for such a child her age!

As much as this moment meant to Julliette, I’m sure that her parents felt a greater sense of pride for their daughter. It takes a lot to support your child’s dream, but to persevere and keep believing in them is something that every parent should do so that they’re not wasting any potential that they see in their son and/or daughter. Julliette has a very supportive family, and I’m glad that she’s got this opportunity — this girl is going places!

Click below to watch Julliette give it all she’s got!

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